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Located in southwestern Vermont, Lasoff Landscape Design works primarily in the northeastern United States and provides a variety of residential, commercial, institutional, and municipal services.

While many do-it-yourselfers prefer to create their own landscapes and gardens, a professional designer can offer clients a wide spectrum of aesthetically pleasing and feasible solutions for those who are confronted with problems on their land such as space constraints, uninteresting views, or drainage problems, to name a few.

A professional designer can also help towns, institutions, developers, and businesses develop plans that are profitable, attractive, and meet the needs of clients and constituencies.

At Lasoff Landscape Design, we strive for solutions that meet not only the client's needs, but also promote the ecological health of the land.

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Nicholas Lasoff, owner and landscape designer, holds a Masters Degree in Landscape Planning, Design, and Management from the Conway School of Landscape Design. He has created residential designs at various scales, collaborated on designs for public recreational facilities, and contributed to environmental inventories for municipalities. Please contact him for your free initial consultation.

Nick is a member of the Town of Bennington's Planning Commission, Bennington in Bloom, and the Chamber of Commerce. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Conway School of Landscape Design, where he has been on the Development Committee and currently sits on the Education Committee. An experienced writer and editor, he has edited Conway's alumni magazine, con'text since 2006.

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